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late cancellation policy

Students will have the opportunity to cancel themselves out of class with no charge AT LEAST 8 HOURS before scheduled class. Any late cancellation made within 8 HOURS of scheduled class will result in the loss of class scheduled (If it from a package, you will lose the class from that package). Late Cancelled classes will lose a class but will not be charged a fee. 


If a student does not Late Cancel themselves out of class and does not show up for the scheduled class, it is considered a NO SHOW. NO SHOWS will be charged a fee of $17 to the card on file, but they will keep the class from the package for later use. 

How to Late Cancel out of a class:

To Late Cancel out of a class, log onto the account you created to schedule your class, click on the class you are scheduled for and click, "Late Cancel" next to your name. You will lose your class but will not be charged a fee. Any questions please email House of Movement directly. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Closed For Most National Holidays

Upcoming Holidays

Presendent's Day: Monday, February 18th